TV Characters in Reality


Some of the small things in life can always be overlooked. One example is any and every movie. Movies and shows become such a big part of people’s lives, especially with services like Netflix and Hulu Plus that allow people to watch any movie or show at any time. Sometimes, people get so into the movie or show that it begins to give them new perspectives or thoughts on and in life.

The TV Series Breaking bad, for example, is about a man who turns to cooking drugs (Crystal Meth) in order to make a living. The life of a criminal is generally viewed a exciting and on-the-edge, since not everybody prefers to live that way. Seeing an ordinary¬†man turn to the dark side gives an interesting eyesight and point of view on this whole subject. If you’re interested in crime shows, suspenseful scenes, or just action videos, then you’d be interested in something like this. Maybe you’re REALLY interested in it. In that case, you may binge watch episodes and get so involved in breaking bad that you begin to picture yourself as Walter White or another character, Hopefully you don’t actually get into the Crystal Meth business (because you probably won’t get out), but it definitely opens up another world for people to imagine themselves in.

The same goes for any TV Series, Movie, or even book! You may begin picturing yourself as your favorite character doing whatever it is they do in the series. Sometimes, you try to even recreate them in your life. For instance, Blue Mountain State is a popular series among high school and college kids. Some may try to model themselves after Thad Castle or Alex Moran. They may try to act like them in real life or simply adopt some of their sayings and personas. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing, as long as people retain their true identities.

Personally, and I know I’m not alone, I’ve tried to recreate some James Bond scenes after seeing the movies or playing his video games. Not just being a badass spy and fighting off rival organizations while completing my mission, but becoming proficient in the languages, conducting research, and dressing the part. James Bond is quite the ladies’ man with his smooth speech and sharp look, so there are a ton of guys who hold him as their role model.

People strive after characters an become so involved in them because it offers another dimension to life. It is almost like a double-life and separate identity. After a long day of school or work, you can come back and finish business, then maybe see how much you can be like your favorite TV character. It could be interesting to see how similarly you can pull it off in your own normal everyday life. It can be a form of elapse for some people, and it is something to look forward to after each day. The best part about this is that it is never ending. As long as there are new movies and series coming out, there will be more potential for character role models, and more people to change your views and lifestyles.