Today’s Rap Music

The Beat Suite Recording Studio

The 21st century has been a hotbed for rap and hip-hop music all across not only America, but the world as a whole. It started in the 80s when rap really took off in different cities, namely New York, Los Angeles, Chicago, New Orleans, Atlanta, and Miami. People all over took this genre and ran with it. The upbeat rhythms, impressively rhyming and flowing lyrics, and images that pop into your head during the songs took listeners by storm.

Now, in 2015, new kinds of rap and hip-hop have evolved. When first started, rap was more powerful and was focused on sending a message. Whether that message was delivered to parents, schools, or law enforcement, it was loud and clear. These rap groups didn’t want anybody to mess with them at all. It was known that rappers could be some of the hardest characters to meet along the streets or around town. Nobody wanted to get mixed up in that, so rappers were respected in thats else.

However, this was mainly popular in city and inner-city areas. Rural areas and the suburbs were still zeroed-in on rock music and alternative genres, which had more focus on instruments, performances, and lyrics that were meaningful to them. Today though, rap is the most popular genre even in the suburbs. It has even evolved from that traditional rap form to something new. In urban areas rap is still preserved pretty well. Some songs are about sending messages, while others are about money, gangs, and drugs and alcohol. Along with this comes some violence in this music industry. The suburban rappers usually sing about college, partying, and having a good time. Their songs have more mellow beats and feelings, but are still great for partying. For instance, the song “Jordan Belfort” by Wes Walker is played at nearly every party and tailgate around any college campus. This “frat rap” genre was largely started by rappers like Mac Miller and Sammy Adams, with their hits “Donald Trump” and “I Love College,” respectively.

Today, kids all across will play all sorts of rap songs. you have some who are dedicated to old school rap and like the hard, thick beats that were traditionally known. You have some who like new age rap, with rappers like Fetty Wap, Wiz Khalifa, Big Sean, and Chris Brown. Then you have people who prefer the frat rap sub-genre. A lot of preppy students and people will listen to these especially, but everybody usually branches out and gets a taste of all of the rap types at some point. overall, the rap industry has done just the opposite of slowing down. It has picked dup and has been taken to new lengths that cannot be described. Every day new rappers are popping up out of the blue and trying to make it big. Website and services like Soundcloud make this possible, since it is so easy to share songs and mixtape. Everybody has their inner rap that yearns to be discovered. This is definitely the age and era to do it. Rap and hip-hop are holding down the music industry right now and show no signs of stopping.