Music and Storms

Hello World. I am new to WordPress and blogging in general, but I hope you like what I have written. I decided to write blogs on a favorite hobby of mine: Music, Art and Handicrafts. I love most types of music and I’ve listened to some good songs from P.O.D., Taylor Swift, Disturbed, Disney (yes I am still a kid at heart) and some other music varieties. I have a few friends and family in the music industry who are band members and others who are composers. I personally have tried to also write music, but alas have found that it has not been given to me as one of my many talents or gifts.

Right now I am listening to Youth of a Nation, by P.O.D (one of my favorite songs by them) and its storming pretty bad out right now, the lights have flashed a few times in the last hour. I am just waiting for the electricity to go out, which I hope it does not. If all goes well I plan to be traveling to see P.O.D. in concert again and get some time with the band back stage (if I am able to get the time off from work that is). I love hanging with Sunny (singer), Traa (base player), and some of the rest of the band and their families. I also got to meet the band members from Linken Park as well when I was back stage and they were on tour with P.O.D. It was beyond a blast.

Like I said I love knowing people in the music industry, though sometimes it still does not help when paying to go see the many different bands I listen to. I am hoping to see Taylor Swift in concert eventually. One of my favorite songs from here is Twister and Two Black Cadillac. I would like to get the back stage pass if possible for her next concert, but tickets are starting to become a lot more then I was planning. I am seeing when she will be near where I live in the next year and plan accordingly.

Well the storm is still raging outside and not good. The trees are swaying really hard due to the wind and the rain is coming down really hard :(. I am hoping the roads do not get washed out, which has been common for that last few months around here due to all the rain we have been getting. I will have to wait to see what tomorrow brings and if I will need to contact someone again to remove tree branches or fallen trees for me.  I will admit I miss my old place in Texas, the weather was not this bad there and I had a tree service company I liked a lot, it was tree service Tyler I liked a lot there a lot.

They would take care of the trees in the yard for me after bad storms or when I needed the trees trimmed backs from the lines. I recommended them to a friend who had to get a few of their trees removed so they could build a better fence that their dogs could not get out of. They did really good work. Well anyways I am going to log for now since the store is still raging and I am going to shut my comp down so if something does happen I still have my comp. :).

Well I’m signing off. I will see you all later and remember to: Live, Love and Listen to music, the soul of the universe.

Stay tuned to this blog.