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Alter Ego: Fast and Furious

To start a segment called “Alter Ego” that builds upon my last post, I will posting here and there about certain TV or Movie characters who make people want to be like them. They make people want to live and model themselves after them for one reason or another. The first posting of this installment […]

TV Characters in Reality

Some of the small things in life can always be overlooked. One example is any and every movie. Movies and shows become such a big part of people’s lives, especially with services like Netflix and Hulu Plus that allow people to watch any movie or show at any time. Sometimes, people get so into the […]

Best Holiday Vacations

The holidays are rapidly approaching and like many, you probably want to get away. Some people choose warm climates to relax and bask in the hot sun, while others want an active vacation skiing, snowboarding, or adventuring. Never fear! There are so many spots to hit that the tough part is choosing which one to […]

Today’s Rap Music

The 21st century has been a hotbed for rap and hip-hop music all across not only America, but the world as a whole. It started in the 80s when rap really took off in different cities, namely New York, Los Angeles, Chicago, New Orleans, Atlanta, and Miami. People all over took this genre and ran […]

Festive Christmas Earrings and Necklace

Ok so today I plan to talk about how to make some holiday gifts that are pretty, festive and most people will like (mainly female), while I am waiting for the pool service Orlando Pool resurface repair person to get here to work on the pool in the back yard (which desperately needs help). I […]

Music and Storms

Hello World. I am new to WordPress and blogging in general, but I hope you like what I┬áhave written. I decided to write blogs on a favorite hobby of mine: Music, Art and Handicrafts. I love most types of music and I’ve listened to some good songs from P.O.D., Taylor Swift, Disturbed, Disney (yes I […]