Alter Ego: Fast and Furious

To start a segment called “Alter Ego” that builds upon my last post, I will posting here and there about certain TV or Movie characters who make people want to be like them. They make people want to live and model themselves after them for one reason or another.

The first posting of this installment will be about the Fast and Furious series. So many men and women dig cool exotic cars and strive to own one (or more) at some point in their lives. The prime series regarding nice cars and racing is the Fast and Furious series. Vin Diesel, Paul Walker, and The Rock (lately) have been the cornerstone characters in these movies. As a watcher, I always want to be in the driver’s seat of any of those cars especially in the later movies. The matte black Dodge Charger has my name written all over it, and watching it in action motivate me to reach my goals an get one in real life.

From the movie scenes to the soundtrack, it just makes you want to be whipping it down the highway at over 100mph speeds. All eyes are on you and your rare car that makes others look like peasants. I want to be pulling into my driveway in tropical Southern California or Rio de Janeiro as the workers from are putting the finishing touches on my in-ground pool with top-of-the-line landscape and views around it.

Let’s take a look at some of the best cars from the movies:

  • The Dodge Charger
  • Nissan Skyline
  • Mazda Drift Car
  • Mitsubishi Evo
  • Mitsubishi Eclipse
  • Toyota Supra

Lots of teenagers and young adults are so intrigued with cars and want the sharpest looking, fastest hot-rods on the market. The ultimate goals in life are Lamborghini, Ferrari, and Bugatti. To get this you need to be wealthy as anything, but the cars in Fast and Furious are mostly normal cars that are just souped up. This made me want to get neon lights to line my interior in and add a huge bass in my trunk all summer. While I never carried through with it, some people do. This is the power and influence that this movie series has on people. Further, some even get involve din street racing. While unorganized racing is a crime in most areas, there are designated tracks to race on, which have become increasingly popular with each additional movie in this series.

There are a couple more possible Fast and Furious Movies coming out in the near future. We can only hope that he cars in stock are even nicer than the previous ones, and are cause of more motivation and inspiration. The characters in Fast and Furious combine racers and criminals in an epic action series, which are two of the most popular genres in movies and subjects. They are interesting mixes that keep people on the hook. As a result, people model themselves after the crew and main characters. For the end of the segment, we will leave it with on of the finest automobiles around. Live fast, ride faster.


TV Characters in Reality


Some of the small things in life can always be overlooked. One example is any and every movie. Movies and shows become such a big part of people’s lives, especially with services like Netflix and Hulu Plus that allow people to watch any movie or show at any time. Sometimes, people get so into the movie or show that it begins to give them new perspectives or thoughts on and in life.

The TV Series Breaking bad, for example, is about a man who turns to cooking drugs (Crystal Meth) in order to make a living. The life of a criminal is generally viewed a exciting and on-the-edge, since not everybody prefers to live that way. Seeing an ordinary man turn to the dark side gives an interesting eyesight and point of view on this whole subject. If you’re interested in crime shows, suspenseful scenes, or just action videos, then you’d be interested in something like this. Maybe you’re REALLY interested in it. In that case, you may binge watch episodes and get so involved in breaking bad that you begin to picture yourself as Walter White or another character, Hopefully you don’t actually get into the Crystal Meth business (because you probably won’t get out), but it definitely opens up another world for people to imagine themselves in.

The same goes for any TV Series, Movie, or even book! You may begin picturing yourself as your favorite character doing whatever it is they do in the series. Sometimes, you try to even recreate them in your life. For instance, Blue Mountain State is a popular series among high school and college kids. Some may try to model themselves after Thad Castle or Alex Moran. They may try to act like them in real life or simply adopt some of their sayings and personas. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing, as long as people retain their true identities.

Personally, and I know I’m not alone, I’ve tried to recreate some James Bond scenes after seeing the movies or playing his video games. Not just being a badass spy and fighting off rival organizations while completing my mission, but becoming proficient in the languages, conducting research, and dressing the part. James Bond is quite the ladies’ man with his smooth speech and sharp look, so there are a ton of guys who hold him as their role model.

People strive after characters an become so involved in them because it offers another dimension to life. It is almost like a double-life and separate identity. After a long day of school or work, you can come back and finish business, then maybe see how much you can be like your favorite TV character. It could be interesting to see how similarly you can pull it off in your own normal everyday life. It can be a form of elapse for some people, and it is something to look forward to after each day. The best part about this is that it is never ending. As long as there are new movies and series coming out, there will be more potential for character role models, and more people to change your views and lifestyles.

Best Holiday Vacations

The holidays are rapidly approaching and like many, you probably want to get away. Some people choose warm climates to relax and bask in the hot sun, while others want an active vacation skiing, snowboarding, or adventuring. Never fear! There are so many spots to hit that the tough part is choosing which one to go to!

Warm Climate

For a warm climate vacation, you definitely want to check out something along the shore. A Caribbean getaway is always a classic choice, because it’s tough to beat a vacation in the southern waters, with beautiful landscape and an even better ocean view. Choose a hotel that’s in your price range and has proper arrangements for whoever is accompanying you on this well-deserved getaway. Some key point stop touch upon are ensuring that the hotel is near or on (preferably on) a beach, has convenient pool service, and has fun activities for when you are back in the room and need something to do. This is crucial, as no tropical stay is made complete without a top-notch beach and ocean right outside your doorstep.


If you choose to be in a warm climate but want more to do than just hit the beach and swim in the pool, exploring! You can hike, mountain bike, travel to popular tourist sightseeing spots, and more. Here’s an example: if you end up in Hawaii, go walk up tot the top of the volcanoes! It is a very big tourist attraction and the park system has put together such a great display and walkthrough. This is fun and manageable for all ages and people, so it is definitely worth a shot! If volcanoes aren’t your thing, find a tropical jungle (or just a forest, for those who might be skeptical of what lies in the jungle) and throw on a safari hat! The day is yours to explore the depths of some of the prettiest aspects of nature this world has to offer. Find unique animals, plants, and sights and take pics to share them with everybody back home. if you are scared of what kind of animals and “things” you might encounter, stick to a tour guide and they will take you to the safest places in safe transportation, all while getting the same great views.

Winter Vacation

Fo those who want to stay festive and take a vacation to another snowy and cold area, try hitting the nearest mountain! Ski and snowboard all day, hit the lodge and drink hot chocolate and coffee, and just enjoy the sights that the mountain offers. Some of the trees on ski resort mountains are beautiful and look like they are straight out of an Instagram filter. This is definitely seething to take advantage of. This vervain will not only give you great memories, but it’ll also give you quite the workout! If you’ve never skied or snowboarded before, don’t worry either! Almost all resorts offer beginner lessons, have rentals, and can get you started in either sport. At the end of the day, it doesn’t matter where you decide to vacation to, as long as you’re fully on board and expect it to be a great time!

Today’s Rap Music

The Beat Suite Recording Studio

The 21st century has been a hotbed for rap and hip-hop music all across not only America, but the world as a whole. It started in the 80s when rap really took off in different cities, namely New York, Los Angeles, Chicago, New Orleans, Atlanta, and Miami. People all over took this genre and ran with it. The upbeat rhythms, impressively rhyming and flowing lyrics, and images that pop into your head during the songs took listeners by storm.

Now, in 2015, new kinds of rap and hip-hop have evolved. When first started, rap was more powerful and was focused on sending a message. Whether that message was delivered to parents, schools, or law enforcement, it was loud and clear. These rap groups didn’t want anybody to mess with them at all. It was known that rappers could be some of the hardest characters to meet along the streets or around town. Nobody wanted to get mixed up in that, so rappers were respected in thats else.

However, this was mainly popular in city and inner-city areas. Rural areas and the suburbs were still zeroed-in on rock music and alternative genres, which had more focus on instruments, performances, and lyrics that were meaningful to them. Today though, rap is the most popular genre even in the suburbs. It has even evolved from that traditional rap form to something new. In urban areas rap is still preserved pretty well. Some songs are about sending messages, while others are about money, gangs, and drugs and alcohol. Along with this comes some violence in this music industry. The suburban rappers usually sing about college, partying, and having a good time. Their songs have more mellow beats and feelings, but are still great for partying. For instance, the song “Jordan Belfort” by Wes Walker is played at nearly every party and tailgate around any college campus. This “frat rap” genre was largely started by rappers like Mac Miller and Sammy Adams, with their hits “Donald Trump” and “I Love College,” respectively.

Today, kids all across will play all sorts of rap songs. you have some who are dedicated to old school rap and like the hard, thick beats that were traditionally known. You have some who like new age rap, with rappers like Fetty Wap, Wiz Khalifa, Big Sean, and Chris Brown. Then you have people who prefer the frat rap sub-genre. A lot of preppy students and people will listen to these especially, but everybody usually branches out and gets a taste of all of the rap types at some point. overall, the rap industry has done just the opposite of slowing down. It has picked dup and has been taken to new lengths that cannot be described. Every day new rappers are popping up out of the blue and trying to make it big. Website and services like Soundcloud make this possible, since it is so easy to share songs and mixtape. Everybody has their inner rap that yearns to be discovered. This is definitely the age and era to do it. Rap and hip-hop are holding down the music industry right now and show no signs of stopping.

Festive Christmas Earrings and Necklace

Ok so today I plan to talk about how to make some holiday gifts that are pretty, festive and most people will like (mainly female), while I am waiting for the pool service Orlando Pool resurface repair person to get here to work on the pool in the back yard (which desperately needs help). I will be talking and giving step-by-step instructions on how to make a pair of dangly bell earrings and a simple chain necklace with colorful bells to go with it. Let’s start off with the earrings as they are easy to make and will not take but a few minutes.


Ok so make sure the area is clear of everything else except what you plan to be working with for this project.

Things you will need:

1-  Needle Nose Plyers (if you have or can get a second pair that would this easier)

6 – 6mm Jumprings (comes in packs of 150 per pack or more)

2 – Fish Hook Earring Wires (comes in packs of 150 per pack or more)

2 – Small Gold Bells with loops at the top

Step 1:

Take the 2 jumprings and the needle nose plyers, you will open these two rings and put 1 colorful bell on each ring. Then you will close the ring so that the ends are flush with each other. It will look like it did before you opened it up.

Step 2:

Then take 2 more jumprings and open these two rings like you did with the first and put 1 Fish Hook Earring on each ring. Then close the ring so that the ends are flush with each other (exactly like you did with the first set of jumprings).

Step 3:

You will then take the last 2 jumprings and open these two rings like you did with the first two. These 2 jumprings are what I like to call our connecter rings. They will be used on the rings to connect the bell and the fish hook earrings together. Once you have the other two rings in this ring you will then close the ring so that the ends are flush with each other (like you did with the other two rings before).

Step 4:

Enjoy the earrings or give them as a gift to someone.

Ok the next part will be a little more time consuming, but well worth the time. I will show you how to make a chain necklace with small colorful bells to go with the earring you just made.


Ok so again make sure the area is clear of everything else except what you plan to be working with for this project.

Things you will need:

1 – Needle Nose Plyers (if you have or can get a second pair that would this easier)

1 – Wire Cutter

1 – Necklace Chain (it comes in different sizes)

1 – Necklace Clasp

12 – 6mm Jumprings

4 – Small Red Bells with loops at the top (red, green, and gold bells)

3 – Small Green Bells with loops at the top

3 – Small Gold Bells with loops at the top

1 – Twist Tie

1 – Mirror

Step 1

Take the chain and measure it, you can do this by putting the chain around your neck for the length you want it. Once you have done this you will take the wire cutters and cut the length from the rest of the chain.

Step 2

Then take 1 jumprings and open it like you did for the earrings, then put 1 jumpring at one end of the necklace chain and attach the necklace clasp. Then close the jumpring like you did with the earring.

Step 3

After this repeat that same thing for the other end of the necklace chain. You now have a somewhat pre-made necklace and just need to attach the bells now.

Step 4

To do this you will need to open the last 10 jumprings and attaching the bells to them (like you did with the earrings), but do not close the jumprings yet. You will be doing this in the next step.

Step 5

Put the necklace on and face a mirror, make sure the clasp is resting on the middle of your neck. When looking in the mirror look for the direct center of the necklace (the part that hangs the lowest in the front). Take the twist tie and put it through the ring directly in the middle (lowest ring in the front).

Step 6

Take the necklace off and take the jumpring with a red bell on it and attach it to the ring with the twist tie on it. Then close the jumpring like you did with the earrings.

Step 7

Attach the other bells and jumprings where you want on the chain in the order of red, greed, gold and repeat. The red bell in the center is your center mark and bells on both sides of it needs to be even. Close each ring like you did with the earrings once its attached before moving to next set.

Step 8

Done and enjoy your new festive holiday earrings and necklace.

Ok now you know how to make these simple necklace and earring set, I think that is good for now. I will be giving other fun ideas in my other blogs so please do come back to read more and get more ideas.

Music and Storms

Hello World. I am new to WordPress and blogging in general, but I hope you like what I have written. I decided to write blogs on a favorite hobby of mine: Music, Art and Handicrafts. I love most types of music and I’ve listened to some good songs from P.O.D., Taylor Swift, Disturbed, Disney (yes I am still a kid at heart) and some other music varieties. I have a few friends and family in the music industry who are band members and others who are composers. I personally have tried to also write music, but alas have found that it has not been given to me as one of my many talents or gifts.

Right now I am listening to Youth of a Nation, by P.O.D (one of my favorite songs by them) and its storming pretty bad out right now, the lights have flashed a few times in the last hour. I am just waiting for the electricity to go out, which I hope it does not. If all goes well I plan to be traveling to see P.O.D. in concert again and get some time with the band back stage (if I am able to get the time off from work that is). I love hanging with Sunny (singer), Traa (base player), and some of the rest of the band and their families. I also got to meet the band members from Linken Park as well when I was back stage and they were on tour with P.O.D. It was beyond a blast.

Like I said I love knowing people in the music industry, though sometimes it still does not help when paying to go see the many different bands I listen to. I am hoping to see Taylor Swift in concert eventually. One of my favorite songs from here is Twister and Two Black Cadillac. I would like to get the back stage pass if possible for her next concert, but tickets are starting to become a lot more then I was planning. I am seeing when she will be near where I live in the next year and plan accordingly.

Well the storm is still raging outside and not good. The trees are swaying really hard due to the wind and the rain is coming down really hard :(. I am hoping the roads do not get washed out, which has been common for that last few months around here due to all the rain we have been getting. I will have to wait to see what tomorrow brings and if I will need to contact someone again to remove tree branches or fallen trees for me.  I will admit I miss my old place in Texas, the weather was not this bad there and I had a tree service company I liked a lot, it was tree service Tyler I liked a lot there a lot.

They would take care of the trees in the yard for me after bad storms or when I needed the trees trimmed backs from the lines. I recommended them to a friend who had to get a few of their trees removed so they could build a better fence that their dogs could not get out of. They did really good work. Well anyways I am going to log for now since the store is still raging and I am going to shut my comp down so if something does happen I still have my comp. :).

Well I’m signing off. I will see you all later and remember to: Live, Love and Listen to music, the soul of the universe.

Stay tuned to this blog.